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Welcome to the site

Hi, welcome to the site.

There will be some big changes happening over the year, starting with a redesign of this site.  And what better place to start than this post.  Well anyways this sites vision for 2015 will be a place that tells about me.  What I do, what I plan to do, etc.  You can start out finding out about me by clicking the “about me” link.  If you wish you can also look at my Facebook profile by clicking the link on the side.  I do computer work, website work, and I am even an A+ Certified service technician!  Wanna see?  click on the link on the side to see my cert (and if its valid or not.)

Well I hope you enjoy your stay here and be sure to come back and we will have future updates.

Server move complete…

My server has been successfully (well sort of), there are a couple programs that kind of need my attention, but i will get them back As soon as possible.  The ones that matter, which are and and a few other sites are back up and running.  Thanks for your patience!  🙂