Arcade and pinball news

I know you guys are dying for an update, well I got one for you…  Zapcon 2021 is cancelled because of current events happening in the world right now.  We hope to return next year in all our glory.

In other news, I have posted the tournament schedule (yes starfighters arcade is still doing tournaments) they are up on the “Schedule of events” tab.  Hopefully i will see some of you there.

I know you guys have been clamouring for an update so here goes.

Alot of news has happended over the course of this past year (which I know we would all like to forget.)  So heres whats going on.


In my last update i was saying that the Twitch streams would be resuming, well that has changed, they will be resuming once a month on the starfightersarcade twitch channel,

I am perdicting (and this is not set in stone so things may change at any point in time) that it will be this way at least until December/Janurary, hopefully before then i can resume streaming from starfighters arcade.

Electric bat arcade has opened a new location, i think in Tuscon, AZ.

As far as I know unless I get any updates Cobra arcade has closed their doors again until further notice.

D&D pinball has closed their current shop…  Hopefully they will be back again.

Welp I guess thats all I have for an update, stay tuned as I will update again as I get more news on events that have been cancelled/times changed.  Be sure to look at my apparence page to see where I am going to be showing up, and that is updated regularily.

Hey, I know it’s been crazy in the real world and we’re all anxious to get back to the arcade to tune out for a bit. But I actually have some great news: I will press the play button on streaming pinball on Twitch! Details fourthcoming but I’m so excited to bring you guys content again! Visit me on twitch and enjoy brand new content!


Hey, sorry for the late update, i will try to get more out there in a timely fashion.  However the following events have been cancelled for the month of May:


Starfighters’ May pinball tournament


I know i should have posted earlier and i didnt realize the may tournament has already come and gone.  Anyways though, there are certian events that i was scheduled to make an appearance at that are kind of in limbo but i am not expecting them to happen now.  Also it looks like I wont be getting back to streaming pinball on location anytime soon, but thats out of my control odviously.


Frankly i am not holding out too much hope for the June-December tournaments at Starfighters Arcade.  The arcade may be open in general but I dont expect any of the tournaments to happen for the rest of the year.

First of all, hope everyone is staying safe, and staying inside your home…  If you are learning something new, then hopefully that is going well for you, also people who are cleaning up their houses/fixing up their games/etc. those things will pay off, in the sense that you will have done your spring cleaning early.  If your out working, then please be careful.


Anyways though onto the meat of why i am posting….  Awhile ago (the end of March) I got a letter from the director of Play More Pinball in Arizona.  Heres what she said.


Dear AZ Pinball Community, 

I miss seeing your faces at our regular pinball events.  
The IFPA updated their guidance regarding sanctioned events today to be suspended until further notice.  Along with the AZ stay at home request from the Governor through April 30, at this time we expect no sanctioned competitive pinball events in April, 2020.  
Stay safe and healthy, 
So the IFPA has suspended all their operations and sanctioning of tournaments for the foreseeable future.  I have updated the revelant pages as I am going to ASSUME we will not have a may tournament, and June tournament will NOT be happening.  Arcades/barcades/etc. should be open BUT the IFPA i am going to assume isn’t going to “flip a switch” and everything will come online at once.  So like i said I have updated everything currently as of now.  Some barcades (not locally sorry) have resorted to renting out their pinball machines.  I am keeping an eye out on the Arizona pinball and classic arcade pages.
Hopefully this news will end up not being true and i wasted my time posting this but i fear thats what will happen.

Hi guys, a small update for my appearance at the GameON expo in Phoenix. As of today they announced they are following the news on the CORVID-19 virus and will update with any new information, even though the event will be held in August. I will keep you guys posted with any information I may have.


Hello, I normally dont post my feelings on this site cause i dont want it to turn into a blog, but i feel i have to actually sit down and type to you guys.


The main topic that has come up in discord…  with all these events being postponed/canceclled.  am I going to keep doing arcade streams from Starfighters arcade?  I dont see the reason why i shouldnt…  arcades by their very nature are tactile and you are touching buttons that literally have been touched by hundreds of people, from kids with cheeto hands to adults that might have been coughing all over themselves (hey wash your hands people) so like I said, I dont see the reason why i shouldnt cancel my location streams, unless i feel the hint of me not feeling well.  I know this thing has got us all on edge, and i realize im taking a small risk by doing location streams, but honestly pinball is how i escape from the world of being in crisis mode, and doom and gloom, and seeing events being cancelled etc.  I am watching Facebook for any updates and i will bring them to you (the ones that affect my stream) as soon as i get them.   I have trusted sources and i do consule with them daily on what should be done, and they have advised me to keep streaming, but just to smile and say “good game” afterwards, not give anyone a handshake or whatever while i am doing that.

What am I doing:  Well, i am going to keep living my life, just I am going to be cautious in what i am doing that includes washing my hands frequently, having hand sanitizer on hand and use it whenever i am done playing a game (afterall literally hundreds of hands have been on games before me), using my hands so games dont tear up my hands.  wearing my fingerless gloves to minimise the risk even more, and to prevent myself from not tearing my hands up.


So thats what is going to be done, remember to wash your hands, stay healthy out there, but dont go into panic/hermit mode (unless you arent feeling well) so lets do this right.


be sure to visit my stream page for more arcadey streams happening everyother Sunday from 3/14/2020.


If you have any questions, please visit my discord server at



Hey guys, I meant to post this article yesterday but my appearance at CorgsCON in Ohio that I was suppost to appear at has been cancelled.  Sorry for any inconvience this may have caused you guys, and I hope it can make it out to future events.

Hey guys,

Zapcon is officially not happening, the event has been cancelled for this year.  Heres the official statement from their Facebook page.


“…the City of Mesa announced they are closing the Mesa Convention Center through April 30, 2020. This means that Zapcon 8, scheduled for April 25-26th, 2020, is cancelled.

Unfortunately, we don’t see any viable rescheduling options for this year, and will be turning our attention towards coming back better than ever in 2021. While it saddens us that we won’t be able to put on a great show for you this year, this is clearly the correct decision given the severity of the current situation and the risks that would be associated with the show at this time.

We are ever grateful for the tremendous support we’ve received from the entire community over the life of our show. Zapcon doesn’t exist without the support of the contributors, the vendors, the volunteers, and our attendees. We want to thank you for your past and continued support.”


Schedule of events updated, some previously unannounced event appearances have been cancelled (although their shows will still go on as planned.)  All events outside of Phoenix for the next few month have been cancelled, some other dates will be changed to TBD cause i have not heard any events being cancelled as far as I know.  I sincerely apologize for any incinvience.