Arcade and pinball news


Game On has been over for a week, and boy what a weekend it was.  I want to thank Sid Seattle for giving me this opportunity.   Imoto Arcade and Jack Danger, both of you were super cool!  Thanks for everything Jack and Imoto, including inviting me out to Cobra arcade, I still have a ton of tokens and theyre all sitting in my pinball machine LOL.

Below is a recap of the show as done by Imoto Arcade.

Zapcon 6

Well, Zapcon is done and over with.  I would like to thank everyone who watched the starfighters twitch page for the tournament, also everyone who particilated in Sundays “Spiderman challenge” that was interesting and fun to watch people play, basically that was if you got 30 mil (10 mil for kids) you got a free day pass to Starfighters arcade any day you wanted!  I would also like to mention that I met imoto arcade over there as well, and she took pics of my streaming setup and stuff like that to hopefully be used in her latest documentary on the event itself.


Hey guys,

I am embarking on a new venture, and a new section of the site has been added to reflect that, check out the “pinball streaming” section of the website for more information.  There i will post info about upcoming tournaments, pictures, etc. I will be streaming on the official starfighters arcade twitch (  I also updated the banner for the website, i think it looks better than just a blank image.