Computer services – The Vision Group

Well back in the day I dabbled in doing my own business (I even had a DBA in the state of Michigan) before some health problems took me out of that game, but for awhile i was in it.  Heres an adventure story for you guys.


I came up with The Vision Group in 8th Grade when I was spending hours a day coding a website from scratch for my cousin, I wanted to pick out a name that I could attach myself to, so I settled on Vision Web Design, back then it was only text so it was just a sentence “Created by Vision Web Design.”  after I got done with that website, I asked my brother to think of ideas for a logo, he came back to me with this logo of a simple loop with eye-lashes on it.  He suggested I rename myself to be called “The Vision Group”.  After that, I got cable internet in my house (first person in my little town to have it) and one of the first things I did was build this little Linux Box with a friend, that was to be known as “Nixbox”.  Soon afterwards I started building websites for businesses in town.


When I was going into college I started putting my name out there, telling all my dorm hall-mates (in college our dorms were made up of rooms, all those rooms were in a building like an apartment building) that doing stuff was a project in The Vision Group, or something like that.  Also I kept doing websites and I was actually making pretty good money but the big obstacle was about to come my way.


I ran into some health problems in college that forced me to drop out, I came home feeling down and depressed, by that time i didnt have any money..  The few businesses that i helped build websites for went out of business, or were sold off after i moved.  Later on I found some odd jobs through friends, one of the biggest and most complained about jobs was Chris’s Computer Corner in Michigan.  They put me on as a subcontractor but the pay ended up being really good for what i was doing and my complaints were misdirected.  Chris closed up shop after I was working there for 9 months.

Later on I got a job at Dunniess a small computer shop that didnt last long, but these are all learning experiences i guess, Dunnies was a lesson in what NOT to do as a business owner (lol)

And that brings me to today, I am attempting to find a way to get back into the game again.  And hope you at least call me about what I have to offer..  Who knows I may be able to do something for you!