The Nixbox Project

Ok, let me clarify this title, i know it as the nixbox hosting project, but its actually the nixbox project.  The Nixbox project was originally Vision Web Design but the name took a change cause I developed a likeness for the name “Nixbox” which is the name of my home server thats been running for about 15 years.  And yes the original hosting computer is years old, I think this incarnation is a Pentium 3 running at 233 MHz (yes 233MHz, I didnt mean to type 2.33GHz)  Why dont I host from the original Nixbox site?  Well simple..  My Internet Service Provider (ISP) will not allow me to run a server on my small cable connection, and therefore the server connection is unreliable.  BUT if you have to see the servers webpage its up at

* — My cousins band website, built around wordpress of course.  But I only use that as a skeleton to build upon.