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Yep, thats me 🙂

I guess you clicked here to find out all about myself, what is there to say?  I have really nothing to say but if you guys really must know, my name isnt Jaded, I will say that this domain is formed of my first and last name if you wanna know, so my real name isnt that private.  Anyways though I have been into gaming since I got my Atari 2600, man I would spend hours upon hours on that thing, playing games like Blue-Print,Tunnel-Runner, and that one Atari 2600 with the keypad controller…  I never was one really to play games (primarily) of the kind that everyone knew about, I would always play games that very few people knew about and therefore thats how i got the reputation of playing games that are more obscure.

Anyways though I am in my 30s and yes I play DDR (All versions, yes even the crappy ones.)  I live in the middle of the baron wasteland desert, actually I dont and the picture above proves it, anyways though welcome to my website, it really has no real purpose other than to put my presence of a website and a VDS (virtual dedicated server)  I run a server out of my house, but its nothing compared to this, anyways though I like to broadcast on Twitch and have been doing that for the better part of 6 years, I was also very involved with my own business, ok before i start babbling on about everything I better get going, anyways though as my last words…

I wanna thank the awesome folks at Godaddy for providing me with the server to run this, (Virtual Dedicated Server.) with an excellent track record of being a 99.9% uptime. Thanks, you are AWESOME

I also have a twitter that is up here if you wanna stalk me ^_^



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