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Server downtime.

Hi! Jaded here, Well now that E3 has come and gone, its time to get back to regular activities and news articles on this station. I know there really hasnt been too much news on the station in the past few months. But I just wanted to let ya know that if you cant reach the site, yes we are …Continue reading →



We are currently in the process of updating the website to better fit your needs, the website updates are currently being conducted by myself (Jaded) and GoldAnthro. If you are having any problems getting a certian feature of the site to work, please report them to goldanthro[at]disengeniousradio[dot]com or jaded.senpai[at]gmail[dot]com.   Our current focus is on the following services Radio player …Continue reading →


A security update — 4/8/2014

Hey there, as you may or may not have heard about the internet security bug “heartbleed” but the good news is that we are not affected.  We checked all our sites just to make sure.  I will give you more updates as i get them.


Website Update

Well, finally got around to doing the random insanity live podcast feed page, added play buttons that link to the actual audio files!  You can find it here.


Broadcast server maintence complete.

better late than never, the broadcast server maintenance is complete as of this morning, we are officially de-listed from the SHOUTcast directory, to avoid a potential server crash when it cannot contact the broadcast server yellow pages.  Winamp and the SHOUTcast directory will NOT be available after today.  You may however still listen via the player on the website so …Continue reading →


PSL comes to a proper close

For those of you who missed it last week, Press Start LIVE held its farewell show that lasted only a few hours.  The show was not archived by twitch and the shoutcast server, so it was only available to those listening to the stream LIVE!  So on behalf of everyone here, farewell PSL…  You can still relive the magic by …Continue reading →


Winamp and all associated products shutting down.. A sad day for us all

This news comes to my attention via Lifehacker, and verified through winamp.com: Come Dec. 20th, winamp.com and all associated websites will close on December, 20th 2013.  This includes the indexing/yellowpages service, server development, and plug-in development for all the shoutcast DSP Plugins and server, heres a statement from the official winamp site: Winamp.com and associated web services will no longer …Continue reading →


Sorry for the outage and theme change

Sorry about the theme change, we were recently hacked so yeah you know the problems that come along with that territory.   Update:  Apparently the person/group who got in, did so through a security hole in WordPress 3.5, in WordPress 3.6 which I upgraded to, I heard that they patched that issue.  So hopefully this wont really happen again.  So …Continue reading →


Archives added

We have added some archives for Press Start LIVE (or PSL) you can find them in the archived shows section, which is still under construction as of this posting, I will update this post when all is up and going, and dont forget, we have the full “Nihon Taimu” show archive (or at least whats on ustream), starring Kitsune and …Continue reading →



lol ive been meaning to update this for awhile, anyways though, I found our relays link so here it is…  This is an alternate listen live link. http://www.wildghosts.com/disengeniousradio/index.html I will be adding more show archives here in the very near future of different shows so you can relive the great shows of disengenious radio!