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Hi, uhm…  its Friday…  ok ill post the stupid link at the end of this post…  anyways though time for a site update, if you guys may/may have not noticed some usernames are dissapearing, dont worry i am manually clearing out the user database on a daily basis cause the user database has like 2,000 entries in it :)  If your username was deleted on accident, please e-mail me or get ahold of me on skype, or find some other way to get ahold of me and i will be sure your name doesnt get marked as a spammer username.  The other bit of news is, Yunie has joined the site and will be re-designing the site/updating it.  Of course there may be bugs, but i dunno i could get lucky and not have any bugs lol.

Ok that is it…  And here is your link.

Wont torture you with the real video lol.



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