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Disengenious Radio launched our first show back in 2007, since then we have been dedicated to running individual shows/getting independent podcasts back on their feet and up and running again, as the whole internet radio community is sort of suffering in this tough economy here in the U.S. We here at Disengenious have the resources currently to support our own streaming server via a dedicated Linux host, running Slackware Linux version 10.1, with the Linux kernel 2.4.22 (dont quote me on the version number lol), and our hosting domains are on Godaddy’s servers, we currently have about 100GB of Free webspace and unlimited bandwidth coming into the server. We invite you to use our commenting system AND we also invite you to email us at jaded.senpai at gmail dot com with any station suggestions, or you can visit our chatroom at chat.disengeniousradio.com or you can follow our twitter at http://www.twitter.com/disengenious . We also have a facebook and twitter available from the dropdown menu.

Currently Disengenious Radio is totally user supported, if you wish you can donate to us, just e-mail jaded.senpai@gmail.com and i will get the Paypal information out to you. Thank you.

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